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What is Reiki and what can it do for you?

  • Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation 
  • Pronounced 'ray-key' and translates to: Universal Life Energy
  • Helps to align the body's own natural energy 
  • Works on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual
  • Can help alleviate symptoms of: stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, emotional pain, and many other conditions
  • Is not a cure or replacement for traditional medical care
  • Can be performed remotely with Distance Reiki via Zoom
  • Each virtual session includes: discussing your intention for the session and your current physical/mental/emotional status, a gentle guided meditation, Reiki healing energy sent to you, and check-in after the session

What is Integrative Spiritual Coaching and what can it do for you?

  • Provides compassionate active listening to allow your voice to be fully heard and validated
  • Learn effective coping skills and tools to help you with depression, anxiety, stress, relationships, career issues
  • Begin the journey towards loving yourself exactly as you are with a certified Self Acceptance Process teacher
  • Helps you to let go of old patterns and limiting beliefs 
  • Intuitive coach shares messages that come through from your Higher Self and the Universe to guide you
  • Learn powerful embodiment practices to reduce stress, balance energy, and remove blockages
  • Uses multiple approaches including EFT tapping, meditation, Qi Gong exercises, and affirmations
  • May include Reiki healing energy during sessions
  • Coaching sessions can be done virtually on Zoom




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